Etieno Product review Chemotherapy-radiotheraphy -skincare -review



“I can’t wait until next summer!”

My name is Tanya and I have been using the shampoo bar and scalp oil. I had chemo and radiation in December 2014 and I lost my hair, fingernails, eyebrows - everything. I felt like a dandruffy baldy chicken. Everything flaked and it was depressing. Funny enough I had s cold cap during treatment and my hair still fell out. 5 weeks in, my scalp is better and not as flaky as before. i no longer have to grease my scalp a few times a day. my hair is growing and i am glad i am using the right ingredients this time round.

Tanya , London


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                      Minty office

Precious, wow. The office smells soooo minty. Your double mint bar is fabulous. The seeds are not harsh on my already flaky skin. I love it a million times over and I can't wait to buy your new concoctions. Ps the jute bags? 10/10. I found a new home for my lipsticks.

                                     Denise, London


Etieno Product review Chemotherapy-radiotheraphy -skincare -review

Etieno Product review Chemotherapy-radiotheraphy -skincare -review


Thank you so much for sending me the apricot and mango bar. It was a kind thing to do. My skin feels soft and moisturised. I am also relieved to find something safe to use on my skin as my skin is now sensitive. I will order some for the girls in the support group.


“My go to beauty product”

I'm the type of person that as soon as I put lipstick or anything on my lips I wipe it off. I've tried various brands but never found anything I felt comfortable wearing until I came across this lip balm. It's light and non greasy and best of all it soothes my sore cracked lips in only a couple of days, now I have found my go to beauty product I can't wait to try the rest of the range"

-Jenni Sheldon 34 - Travel Blogger

Etieno skincare cancer skincare


i love the passion you put into creating your gorgeous products. i feel so special. The girls and i adore the mint soap. it is refreshing — V D.


“Gentle but effective.”

Thank you for this gentle, but effective salve that has helped soothe not just my nephew's post chemo & radiation damaged lips, but my young daughters and mine too. It's mild scented, easy to apply and absorbs instantly. Just love it!

— L.G.