Our Philosophy

Etieno philisophy
You are beautiful just as you are. Our job is to provide luxurious, effective & safe treats to help you get your mojo back


1. At Etie’no, we like to keep things simple. We believe that our no expense spared products don't have to cost the earth or your pension fund!

2. We've worked hard to create luxurious and therapeutic skin care products, using only the best natural ingredients we can source and doing our darnedest to offer them to you at prices you can afford. 

3. We believe it is important to act with integrity so we'll never try to gloss over or polish up any of our business practices. Instead, we promise to be open and transparent. We’re proud of what we do!

4. Our commitment to minimise our environmental impact and maximise benefit in the countries where our ingredients are sourced means:

5. All our ingredients come from sustainable sources and we view our suppliers as partners –   not just a means to an end – making sure they are paid a fair price.

6. Every product is handmade with love and subjected to rigorous testing – although not on harmless animals! We’re fortunate to have had beautiful volunteers come forward to test our products. And yes, those volunteers are now exultant with their beautiful soft skin. 

7. We do not test any of our products on animals and while most of what we make is vegetarian-friendly, we occasionally use honey, beeswax and goats milk. Though, as you would expect from us, we ensure that the honey and beeswax are sourced ethically and that the goats live happy lives!

8. Our soaps are handmade using the traditional and energy-efficient cold process method, which also preserves the well-being benefits of the essential oils.

9. We don’t use any of those harmful preservatives just to make our soaps last longer. Instead, we create mall batches for quick use with natural Vitamin E to extend shelf life in the most natural, caring way. 

10. Although everything about Etie’no is delicate – from the sourcing of ingredients to the touch it leaves on your skin, the results themselves are as extravagant as the ingredients. By extracting from plants at their peak, we are able to guarantee maximum effect. We also use dark containers and store our products away from sunlight to avoid degeneration of nutrients.

11. Our soaps and shampoo bars may look good naked, but needing a way to tell you just how good they are for your skin, we've presented our soaps in eco-friendly jute pouch which can be used over and over again.