Our Beginings

 You can do the impossible, because you have been through the unthinkable.

― Christina Rasmussen

Etie’no (pronounced Eti – eno) means good gift. It is a word from the Efik language spoken in parts of South Eastern Nigeria.

Growing up in Nigeria, I was surrounded by exotic plants that produced the most beautiful flowers, fruit trees that filled the air with the scent of ripe mangos, wide open spaces and a lot of love. It's a combination that gives a 7 year old plenty of room to be mischievous!

Many a game with my brother under the hot sun often ended with my skin burnt, my knees scraped and my ego bruised. My grandmother would tend to me with Shea butter, Neem oil, Aloe vera and a hug.

I grew up and moved continents but the love for green spaces and nature's remedies remained strong. As did my curiosity in natural healing.

Before long, I was making my own soaps and potions for friends, family and just about anyone who would give them a try!

The gift of Etie’no

Today, after  years spent honing my craft and the leap of faith from a cancer diagnoses, I would like to share with you the one thing that I am most passionate about – luxurious, natural skincare – named after the one person who's inspired that passion most: my grandmother – Etie’no – now my brand.

Etie’no's good gift to me was her passion for transforming the plants that grew around us into soothing butters, healing oils and moisturising soaps.

My good gift to you is to add to her knowledge, a little science and a lot of attention to detail. You can be sure every product is not only made with love, but with care for the environment and communities.

Do pass the gift on