On 2 June 2012, I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukeamia. I went through several doses of chemotherapy, total body radiation and finally, a bone marrow transplant on 16 May 2013. Throughout this process, my skin was damaged; my hair and nails fell out.

I found myself with very dry, sensitive and itchy skin. The products I attempted to use were chock full of ingredients that were harsh on my body. Some companies used “natural” ingredients all right, but a quick scan of the label revealed heaps of artificial preservatives to increase the product’s shelf life

Using these products on my already damaged skin was a problem I couldn’t ignore – my body reacted with a long list of side effects.

It was then that I decided to put my knowledge of natural ingredients to use.

I spent my recovery time creating things to heal myself. This meant that I carefully looked into the ingredients and considered the benefits for my skin. Every single ingredient has been carefully thought about and as the products were for my use, I sourced the very best with no expense spared.

With time, my body gradually healed and my confidence level grew too. People were commenting on my skin and asking what I was using.

Sometimes I would share my products and watch in amusement when the recipients asked where they could buy more.

One query led to another and I realised that people who were going through cancer treatment also needed something gentle to fix their skin concerns.

And so, Etie’no (a West African word which means "good gift”) was born.

As the Etie’no brand unfolded, I received another unexpected surprise. The results in cancer patients and survivors were so phenomenal, interest in my skincare products extended to family and friends without cancer and beyond.

Each and every one of the bespoke products in Etie’no’s award winning range has been carefully crafted, to create 100% plant-based beauty solutions.

Our skin balms, lip balms, shampoos and hair oil will leave your skin and hair feeling luscious, pampered, and healthy, while your soul is thoroughly soothed.

My products are for the vegans, the eco-warriors, the naturalists, and anyone who has ever dreamt of beautiful, supple skin, shining hair, and a chemical-free life

Everyone deserves genuinely natural skin care that works. That’s what Etie’no has done for me. I’m confident that’s what Etie’no can do for you too.

Here’s to feeling great about ourselves.


Etieno chemotherapy radiotherapy

Precious x