Argan & Baobab Hot Oil Treatment

Every day life can wreck havoc on your hair and scalp.

Everything from stress, over styling, detangling, washing, pollution, medical treatments has an effect on the health of your hair. 

Common signs that your hair needs an SOS are dryness, frizz, split ends, dandruff, dry scalp, moisture loss and much more. Not good. These signs are huge red flags and signs that you need to get the hair honcho out.  

We swear by hot oil treatments at EtienoHQ. They are spa sessions for your hair. 

A weekly hot oil treatment will leave your hair super nourished, soft, shiny, reduce breakage and extra shedding and reduce itchy scalps too. 

You need a product with hair loving plant oils oils - anti oxidant/mineral/omega rich, light, moisture- loving, scalp stimulating and great smelling - Just like our Regenerate hair oil to strengthen and protect your hair from heat damage and free radicals. 

We recommend a once a week treatment for soft, healthy hair. 

Etieno Skincare Argan oil hot treatment for hair growth and shine