Life After Cancer Diagnoses - Meet Emily hodge

"What does one do after a cancer diagnoses and treatment?" is a question we hear a lot.  

So we decided to highlight some amazing people we know who have walked that mile and most importantly how cancer diagnoses has changed them. We hope to cover their stories and inspire you on your road to recovery and beyond (we don't use the word journey :) at Etie'noHQ. It sounds very naff

Meet our friend, Emily.

Emily is a cancer survivor and founder of Coaching Emily. She is really good at supporting people after treatment.

I tend to work with people when they’re at least a few months, or even year(s) out of cancer treatment, when we would technically define their experience as ‘over’ but we know full well it’s not. That’s a difficult thing to admit, because others are still going through it and you don’t want to say to them ‘hey, it’s gonna be a little bit tricky too when it’s all over’. It’s just that this time has it’s own specific set of needs, just like going through it does, and the more tailored support we can provide in that time, the more successful their experience of moving forward will be

Find her her at @coachingemily on twitter   and