5 Simple ways to improve your wellbeing in January


Your last few days of 2017 probably went something like this - lots of sweets, savoury foods, alcohol, and, of course, laying around all day watching cheesy Christmas movies on the television. 

Mine was a bit chaotic as i have a cold bug was consigned my bed most of December.

Stepping into a brand new year after all of this can often be a drag. It’s perfectly normal to feel that post-holiday guilt, whether it’s because of the food or just the lack of productivity. However, it’s never too late to make a positive change that’ll give you a healthy start to the new year. When it comes to your physical, mental and emotional well-being, here are five key ways to ensure your well-being and get back on track.

1. Get moving

Yes - you read that right.

Exercise might be the last thing you want to do after a week of binge-eating everything in sight, especially since it can put the pressure of losing weight on you, and give you an unhealthy body image.  However, when approached the right way, physical activity isn’t just about weight loss.

You can get moving in more ways than just going to the gym - swimming, yoga, Zumba, and the list goes on! The more active you are, the better you treat your body. A bit of light activity every day or every other day is great for boosting your mood, improving your energy and improving your state of mind - given that you pair it with the right foods, of course! 

I have committed to walking at least 45 mins a day this year as i find it clears my head and sets my mood straight. 

2. Start back eating more whole foods

There’s absolutely no point in scolding yourself over all of the treats you had over the holidays. Accepting that you may have eaten more than you should have is the first step to making better choices.

Whole foods are your friend (Think Sweet potatoes, Beetroots, Kale, oily fish and whole grains). Overly processed canned foods, snacks or sugary drinks might be tasty, but they do little to better your body and mind.  You can still enjoy tasty meals with the right recipes! 

Why not invest in a healthy cook book for inspiration? I am really enjoying "Leon- ingredients and recipes by Allegra Mcevedy as i am trying to incorporate more grains into my diet. How about trying a new ingredient next time you go shopping? It is an easy way of discovering new flavours and gently letting go of the unhealthy foods. I just discovered fresh Tumeric which i love. Tumeric is a great immune booster and taken with warm milk and a little honey helps me sleep better. I also add a thumb sized piece to my fresh veggie juices to warm me up.

3. Stay hydrated

It might seem like a no-brainer, but keeping your brain and body hydrated is super important to the way that you feel. Even when you don’t realise it, water keeps your energy levels high, helps your body to eliminate waste and keeps your mind clear.

Drinking 1.5 to 2 litres every day is a good place to start! Find water boring? A few sprigs of mint, a couple of grapes or berries (lightly crushed), or a few slices of citrus fruit, add flavour to water. Herbal teas are delicious too.

4. Get some zzzzzz's 

Incorporating a good sleep routine should be part of your well being target this year. A good nights rest can help to reduce stress by reducing anxiety and improving wellbeing and creativity. According to the National Sleep Foundation (yes, there is such a thing), the body needs sleep to repair tired cells and assimilate information. 

In a 2007 poll carried out by the Foundation, it was discovered that women reported more insomina and sleep disturbances than men. It is not a major surprise as we tend to put our needs on the back burner. 

There are few things you can incorporate to promote better sleep this year. 

Why not declutter your room and create a warm and inviting space with no gadgets.?  I  struggle with having a no gadget space too but i will work on leaving devices out of my room as the lights from our gadgets are known sleep disruptors. 

Gentle stretching, meditation and relaxation techniques can help too. I use 2 apps - calm and headspace to help me unwind and ready my mind for sleep. If i have had a long day, i journal write down a list of things i am grateful for and a mini list of things that are on my mind. This simple process helps me focus on the present. 

Drinking a glass of warm milk, a tumeric latte or even a banana smoothie before bed can help increase serotonin which promotes sound sleep.


5. Make a schedule that you can follow everyday

Having a plan for the day is one thing, but it’s something else altogether to actually see that plan in writing. It makes it easier to follow, helps your brain to remember and is always there for you to look at for motivation.

Designate a diary or journal strictly for planning your day. To-do lists are extremely effective, as they give you a concrete agenda to stick to. Whether it’s finishing up a big project or just making lunch for the kids, your schedule will be your guide - l~

It’s never a breeze getting back into those healthy habits, but don’t panic! Starting the year off right is much easier with these five simple tips. The way you spend your first month says a lot about how you spend the rest of your year, so making the right choice is key.


What tip will you be implementing? Let me know